About Us

Art Classes for Kids and Teens in Hong Kong

Since 1991, CreativeKids has been committed to advancing and advocating creative art, design and architecture education in children and teens. The creative spirit ignited within them ripples out to families, schools, communities and beyond Hong Kong like concentric circles.  With an expanding student body, professional team and scope of art and design education services, CreativeKids has reached out in collaboration with schools, organizations and corporations.

Painting and design classes for the inspired mind

We engage out students to explore endless creative possibilities, delving into their imagination and reflecting on the world around them. We believe that, in children, art can help with early development, inspire teenagers and allow for personal growth through a range of activities. Our creative workshops include drawing classes, preschool art classes, oil painting classes for kids and other interesting forms of art such as out our design and architecture programs. You’re sure to find something your child will love.

The CreativeKids studios are characterized by a ‘living art curriculum’, a professional team, immersive creative learning environment and caring connections between students and art facilitators. Weekly art experiences such as drawing, painting, 3D constructing, designing and media exploration provide mental, emotional and social space, all indispensable ingredients not only for art education but overall child development.

Use your imagination at CreativeKids!

Our current programs include parent-child classes and a range of other creative workshops for afterschool activities. With an expanding team behind us, we offer professional guidance, a huge range of possibilities and endless opportunity for growth. We’ve watched children relax and unwind in our classes, as well as see plenty of students reach their potential and discover their true passion. If you are interested in engaging your child in any form of art, feel free to get in touch or register for a workshop today. We always eager to welcome new students.