25th Anniversary


Children-ignited Creativity

As we celebrate CreativeKids’ 25th anniversary, we have found so much hidden treasure among our youngsters. We thought we were teachers but found that children are masters of imagination that ignites the creative fire within us. Creativity is a gift to all of us, not just for an elite few. Let us collaborate to build a creative community in which children can develop creativity as a life-long competency.

“Hidden Treasure from Children 2016” Video Series


Episode 1 – Be Resourceful


What is this strange black shape?

Hint from our instructor: Every child is innately imaginative, so much more than adults are!


Episode 2 – Be Imaginative


What is this strange black shape?

Hint from our instructor: Every child is innately imaginative, so much more than adults are!


Episode 3 – Be Fearless


Oh! I made a mistake! What should I do?
Let 11-year-old Ryan show you how to turn it into a Happy Mistake!


Episode 4 – Be Fun-filled


Tell children a story about a fish’s adventure. Then give them some plastic bottles, colored paper and pens. They will be sharing ideas and enjoying the fun of art-making and group work!


Episode 5 – Be Child-like


Teacher: Do we have tails?
Students: NO!
Then one 2.5-year-old girl raised her hand and said…
(Find her answer after 0:30 of the video)


Episode 6 – Be Curious


As we grow up, the more we learn, it’s likely that we become more and more cautious. Are we forgetting something in the journey?


Episode 7 – Be Witty


Teacher: What to do if children cry?
Student: Turn on the fan to dry their tears!
Teacher: What to do if children are noisy?
Student: Ask superman to come get them!


Episode 8 – Finale


“Ask like an Artist
Answer like a Designer
Build like an Architect”


With experiences over the past 25 years, we will guide children to develop the sensitivity of an artist, the sensibility of a designer and the mindset of an architect. Let’s get prepared for an unknown future with creativity!

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“Can the most ‘valuable’ form of art be accessible to all?”


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“Not just about ‘drawing’ – Learn to ‘think’, ‘ask’ and ‘do’ through creative art”


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“The first Young Architects Program guides children to become future architects”


Published on 22 November 2016 (in Chinese only)

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親子網《Oh!爸媽》 - CreativeKids「不一樣教育節」。 鄭子峰攝(Pix By : Jeff Cheng) 2016/11/28 親子網

“Empowering children with creativity”


Published on 6 December 2016 (in Chinese only)

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Event Highlights


“Unbounded Creativity” Easter Parent-child Beach Workshop at Ma Wan


On 3 April 2016, we gathered with 30 families of our students on Ma Wan’s Tung Wan Beach. Through parent-child activities, parents discovered their children’s unique creative attributes.


Workshop and Exhibition at Ednovation Fest


At the Ednovation Fest held on 26-27 November 2016, we organized the “Rethinking a School Chair” Workshop, and guided children and parents to redesign classroom chairs, breaking education barriers with design thinking. We also exhibited our students’ models of inclusive playgrounds and cardboard chairs on site.


Ednovation Fest is co-organized by The Good Lab, Ednovators, EDiversity, and HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. CreativeKids is one of the nine founding organizations of Ednovators, and a partner of EDiversity.