Children and Adult Workshops

Art Workshops for Adults and Kids in Hong Kong

Parent-child workshops to create and inspire.
Whether you’re a family interested in an inclusive activity, an adult looking for a hobby or a parent looking to inspire your child, CreativeKids offers a wide range of art workshops. We supply endless possibilities for creation, and innovation at our Hong Kong workshop.
Since 1991, we’ve been advocating for art classes in children and adults, with a belief that a creative mind can help you grow and reflect. We love seeing children’s creativity flourish, watching as they grow confidence in their work. We want to create an environment that welcomes imagination, and offers children a space to relax and unwind.


Children’s and adult’s art workshops

Our seasonal art workshops and special parent-child workshops give children a taste of our classes. Each workshop covers an art project that captures the essence of the CreativeKids spirit and festive fun, a refreshing activity for children during school holidays.
Parent-child workshops offer mums and dads opportunities to experience what their little ones get to do in our studios. More than just art workshops, these special family activities create unique parent-child bonding experiences through art.


Enquire today to find out more

If you are looking for an inspirational bonding experience with your child, or want something that the kids can do after school, contact CreativeKids today. Our Hong Kong workshops always welcome new students who are eager to get into the creativity, whatever age. Our studios offer a range of opportunity for self-expression, whether it’s through painting a canvas, creating a sculpture, or designing a 3D model.
You can fill out a form today to register for an art workshop, or enquire with our team today for any questions you may have. Send an email to, or give us a call on 2530 4336.