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Summer Program 2017 - Design Thinking for Children

Create a touch-sensitive self-portrait? A bubble-blowing machine? A monster face with food and fruit?  A modernized board game? New passenger space in MTR?  What about a contemporized Chinese Imperial Palace?

Art and design can be bridges that connect different disciplines – science, technology, engineering and maths as in the STEAM approach.

This summer CreativeKids has tailor-made age-appropriate art and design workshops, story-based programs and visual-research projects.  Besides drawing, painting, model-making, mixed media exploration and techniques exercises, children and teenagers will experience the 5 aspects of Design Thinking* (empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test), and learn to solve problems with imagination and fun!



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*Emerged in 1990s and popularized by IDEO and Stanford, design thinking is a mindset and tool for innovating and solution-finding.

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