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Beat boredom Fight fear with fun and creativity. Turn problems into possibilities with Design Thinking.

We will be posting free Online Fun Projects here. Watch out for creative ideas for drawing, designing and making. Share and support each other with our creative artwork and designs.


Fun and Free projects

Download the worksheets below for your child to continue learning through art during the class suspension period.

(Don’t worry. These online activities are NOT replacements of regular CreativeKids lessons.)


Worksheet 1: How to wear a mask appropriately?worksheet01

Wearing face masks is an important part of the fight against pneumonia, and a good opportunity to educate children. Children, do you know how to wear a mask appropriately? Draw on the worksheet.



Worksheet 2: What if there will be no more masks? worksheet02

Let’s get creative – present your ideas in the form of drawing, photo, video, or 3D model etc.

Note: This is a just a hypothetical question to inspire children to use their Design Thinking skills, turning problems into possibilities. We do not mean that there is no need to wear a mask.


Worksheet 3Virus Killer or Anti-Virus Army Character Design worksheet03

Special Mission: Crush the coronavirus by designing a character (or more!)
– Create a Virus Killer or an Anti-Virus Army
– Design the gears and weapons for the character(s), and depict the function(s) of each item


Worksheet 4: “Send you my love” Card Making worksheet04

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Let’s utilize materials you can find at home to create your own greeting card for your family, friends or even members of the community! Show your love and support through art and creativity.


Worksheet 5: The Fantastical City of Mythical Beings  worksheet05

Design a Fantastical City of Mythical Beings

– Create a character or group of characters from fantasy or imagination (Can be elves, fairies, robots, pokemon, blobs, aliens, monsters, etc.)
– Use any recycled or leftover materials at home


Worksheet 6: Ideal Homeschooling worksheet06

While school is suspended, home has become children’s classroom. Have you thought of ways to make homeschooling more effective and fun?


Worksheet 7: Beat Boredom – What can you do when you are staying home? worksheet07

Have you tried bowling at home? How about “Fruit Bowling”? What are other fun ideas of things to do when stuck at home?


Worksheet 8Sound-stimulation Art worksheet08

Step 1: Download the two soundtracks here: Soundtrack 1 / Soundtrack 2

Step 2: Listen to the soundtracks. What do you see and feel in your imagination?

Step 3: Draw them out!

The 2 pieces of music and sound effects are adapted from Minor Vamp – Basement Boys and Goldfish


A chance for publication
For boosting this positive effort from the young artists, we invite you to email your child’s creations to with the following details:

  • your child’s full name
  • his/her CreativeKids class day and time (e.g. Monday 4:15pm)
  • your phone number

We may be sharing some of the collected artworks on social media, or other forms of publication.






For more details on Novel Coronavirus Precautionary Measures:

Novel Coronavirus Precautionary Measures