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What our Parents say! #1 – Alison’s mom

“I feel grateful that my Pre-school daughter has built up a greater sense of well-being, from experiential art learning and practical-oriented curriculum!” says Ada (Alison’s mom), earnestly.

As part of the program, we invited parents to bring along children for a site visit and get to know the food culture of dai pai dong before the project started. Although Ada only managed to squeeze some time as the project goes on, Alison performed surprisingly well during the visit.

“I’m surprised she pointed at the dai pai dong and said, ‘This is a folding table! That’s a folding chair!’ She also initiated a role play when we got back home, that she imitated a dai pai dong waiter by tucking her pen behind her ear, and she drew whatever food I wanted to order. This is one of my precious moments in life!”

>> Children might have subconsciously applied what they have learnt from class. As time goes by, they will be able to solve problem with independent thinking!