Creative Community

Over the past 25 years, we have connected with numerous students, parents, educators and art-lovers through creativity, forming invaluable and long-lasting relationships. Together, we have built a Creative Community. We hope that the power of creativity continues to inspire and influence those around us.

Our instructors, students and parents would like to share with you highlights of their art exploration journeys.

  • 【Creative Parenting Online Sharing Series】Session 1│ Presenter: Architect, Stephen Chow

    Summary (Part 1):
    Stephen speaks about three requirements for an architect:

  • 【Creativity Connects】隔著螢幕的真實

    By Teacher Daisy on August 3, 2020


  • COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

    (Updated on July 7, 2020)   To keep our studio clean and hygienic, we will apply the following precautionary measures:   Online Questionnaire Parents have to fill in an online questionnaire before their child(ren) start or resume class at our studios.   Students and staff are not admitted into the studios for 14 days if [...]
  • 【Playful Public Design】Inquiry, Ideation and Improvisation

    By CreativeKids on July 18, 2020

    Senior-level students (age 12-18) approached the theme “Playful Public Design” as self-directed projects, while our instructors stepped back to allow more freedom for the youngsters to initiate self-chosen problems and design strategies. They learned to prioritize resources such as time and materials to meet a chosen objective of the country park: conservation, leisure or education. […]

  • 【Playful Public Design】From Passive Learners to Change-makers

    By CreativeKids on July 4, 2020

    Across age levels (range from age 3.5 to 18), we noticed a change in children’s thinking, which led to a change in their problem-solving approaches and solutions, as reflected in their artistic creations. Overall, children’s view point gradually transformed from a human-centric view (solving countryside problems with the comfort and convenience of the city), to […]

  • 【Creativity Connects】「寫實」與「想像」

    By Teacher Joseph on June 26, 2020