Creative Community

Over the past 25 years, we have connected with numerous students, parents, educators and art-lovers through creativity, forming invaluable and long-lasting relationships. Together, we have built a Creative Community. We hope that the power of creativity continues to inspire and influence those around us.

Our instructors, students and parents would like to share with you highlights of their art exploration journeys.

  • 【Playful Public Design】Parents – Our valued partners in the development of children’s creativity

    By CreativeKids on May 23, 2020

    Do you sometimes find yourself trapped in your fast-paced daily routine, following rules and trying to tick all the boxes? Is there still space to be curious, and mindful of things that is going on? For Hong Kong youngsters growing up in an era of information overload, it’s common to just follow the crowd without discernment.

  • 【Playful Public Design】Auntie Angie’s Research Journey

    By Auntie Angie on May 16, 2020

    Our founder Angelina Lo-Chui (Angie) has devoted the past few years to her PhD study researching children’s creativity and their design process. Let her tell us more about her thoughts and vision.   Why did you decide to do a PhD Study? After years of practice, I was searching for existing theories to explain why […]

  • Novel Coronavirus Precautionary Measures

    All our following studios will offer private and special small classes* for students to continue learning through our creative art & design projects during the school suspension period: *A private lesson is for 1 to 6 students and a special class is maximum 6 students per class. CreativeKids Headquarters - Sai Ying Pun CreativeKids Branch [...]
  • Online Fun Projects – Creative Boosters

      For more details on Novel Coronavirus Precautionary Measures: Novel Coronavirus Precautionary Measures  

  • What our Parents say! #1 – Alison’s mom

    By Parent Ada on May 17, 2017

    “I feel grateful that my Pre-school daughter has built up a greater sense of well-being, from experiential art learning and practical-oriented curriculum!” says Ada (Alison’s mom), earnestly. As part of the program, we invited parents to bring along children for a site visit and get to know the food culture of dai pai dong before […]

  • 學生上堂時喊、講唔停口和打交,怎麼辦?

    By Teacher Sherry on December 14, 2015