UNICEF Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition Exhibition at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

From September 25 to November 15, 2015

We are honored to be Playright’s Design Consultant for the UNICEF Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition Exhibition, which promotes quality play for families in Hong Kong.  For details of Playright’s project, please visit www.playgroundsforall.hk.

The competition has collected innovative design schemes to develop a truly inclusive playground by enhancing the current play facilities of a pilot playground site at Tuen Mun Park. The awarded entries were featured in an exhibition at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Innovation Tower from September 25 to November 15, 2015.

On October 3, our students gathered at the exhibition venue for a guided tour by Playright representatives. Children and parents developed understanding of inclusive playgrounds. The youngsters even created their own playground facilities on the spot with recycled materials.

We also participated in the exhibition opening ceremony on October 11. Children created different characters and pasted them on colorful balls.

At the ceremony, children held up a long slide and let the balls slide down. The balls were gathered in the “playground tray”, symbolizing different types of people playing together in an inclusive playground.