Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which program is available for my child?

We have different programs for different each group.

Age 1.5-2.5 (accompanied by a caretaker)
Age 2.5-3.5
Art Program
Age 3.5-18
Age 5.5-18
Age 5.5-18
Young Architects
Age 8-12
Oil Painting
Age 8-18
Age 10-14
Age 14+

Our Programs are structured into six levels according to students’ age:

Age 1.5-2.5
CreativeWawa (accompanied by a caretaker)
Age 2.5-3.5
Age 3.5-5.5
Pre-school Level
Age 5.5-8
Junior Level
Age 8-12
Intermediate Level
Age 12-18
Senior Level

2. When does a term start? Do new students have to wait for the beginning of a term or month to join in?

Our regular programs are on-going throughout the school year, from September to August of the following year.

A majority of students start attending classes in September. Nevertheless, we are open for new students to join anytime throughout the year.

Our classes’ low teacher-student ratio allows our instructors to guide students with varying rates of progress on the same project.

For CreativeWawa and CreativeKiddies, we do not recommend starting on a “group project day” as the active group activities may make it challenging for young children to feel comfortable in, on their first lesson.

3. What are the program structures? How often do students attend class?

In each regular program, there is one lesson per week and generally four lessons per month.

4. What are the main differences between the CreativeKiddies Program and the Pre-school Level Art Program?

Program CreativeKiddies (Program description)
Age 2.5 to 3.5 (Must reach 2 years and 6 months when starting)
Teacher: Student Ratio 1: 4
Project Duration One per lesson
Project Structure Completed in straightforward and fewer steps
Contains fewer details
Learning Style Playgroup-like. Often with games to inspire children’s imagination.
Usually one big group project per month. We will send photos of these groups projects to parents.
Program Pre-school Art Program (Program description)
Age 3.5 to 5.5 (Must reach 3 years and 6 months when starting)
Teacher: Student Ratio 1: 7
Project Duration One per 2 to 3 lessons
Project Structure Completed in more steps
Contains more details/elements
Often consists of a more sophisticated composition with background and foreground.
Learning Style More formal
Children are expected to

  • Follow a step-by-step process to complete each part of the project.
  • Show discipline in class and handle their own CreativeKids Art Bag and their set of art materials.

5. What are the main differences between the Art Program, Techniques Program and Kidesign Program (for age 5.5-18)?

Program Art Program (Program description)
Project Types Comprehensive, mixed-media, includes two- and three-dimensional projects, such as drawings paintings,

3D construction, Chinese art and special themes
Curriculum Focus Around 50% on Creativity and 50% on Techniques
Most suitable for Students who want to explore different mediums, themes and types of art
Program Techniques (Program description)
Project Types Mainly two-dimensional drawings and paintings
Curriculum Focus Around 30% on Creativity and 70% on Techniques
Most suitable for Students with art-learning experience (outside of school),
and those Students who enjoy focusing on drawing/sketching an item to depict light,
shade and textural details
Program Kidesign (Program description)
Project Types Mainly three-dimensional art pieces
Curriculum Focus Cross-curricular exploration and practical application of design,
science and architectural concepts through integration with art
Most suitable for Students who are keen on constructing three-dimensional models and engaging with science and design

6. My child is a secondary school student (age 14+). Is there a program that guides him/her build a portfolio of artwork for university applications?

We offer a Portfolio-building Program in the Central Studio that guides students (age 14+) in the process of building their own portfolio for school application and other purposes.

The program has no fixed curriculum. It is customized to interests and needs of each student. Each of them does individual projects under the guidance of our instructors.

Please click here for a brief introduction of the program.

Please note that applicants are required to provide background information (listed below) and photos of their recent art pieces for our instructors’ review.

We need to get an idea of the student’s artistic style and skills level, and determine whether he/she is ready to join the program, or whether the program could serve his/her specific needs.

Please send us details (listed below), with minimum three images of your child’s recent artwork via the Contact Us page.

Information required:

1. Name of current school, and current grade level (E.g. Form 5 or Year 11)

2. Art-learning experience (Has your child taken art as a school subject / an extra-curricular activity or any art exams?)

3. Favorite art medium or a specific area of interest in art

4. Study/career goals (A school/program that your child plans to apply for, or a professional field your child intends to work in)

5. If your child needs to submit a portfolio for a school application/exam, please advice the deadline or date of the application/exam

Note: We only teach students to complete the content of their portfolio. We are unable to help with any other parts of school applications or help students submit the application paperwork.

7. What languages are classes conducted in?

All classes for age 1.5 to 18 are conducted in either Cantonese, English, Mandarin or a combination of the three, depending on the languages used by students in each class.

Our instructors speak to each student in the language(s) the student understands, with the aim to communicate effectively with all students in class.

8. How are program fees charged?

New students are charged for their first month (4 lessons) upon registration. From the second month (5th lesson) onward, students will be charged every two months (eight lessons).

9. Could my child come for a trial lesson?

Tuition is charged on a 4-lesson basis so each new student is expected to attend minimum 4 lessons in a row. We cannot arrange just a single trial lesson.

10. Is there an additional fee for art materials?

Program Art material fees / requirements
CreativeWawa & CreativeKiddies Each new student will be given a complimentary small art bag with an apron. No additional fees.
Art Program* • Please purchase a CreativeKids Art Package for each program
Techniques • The Package contains a zipper bag with a set of art materials sold in our studios.
Kidesign and Young Architects ** • Students may choose to purchase the required materials from an external source.
Oil Painting The monthly fee covers the cost of canvases. Students are required to purchase other supplies from an external source. (We will provide a supply list.)

*Senior Level Art Program students are required to purchase oil painting supplies outside.

** Kidesign Program and Young Architects Program students are required to prepare a pair of gloves and safety goggles, to be purchased in our studios or from an external source.

11. Are there one-on-one or group private lessons?

Yes. We offer private lessons for an individual student, siblings or a group of friends, subject to the availability of instructors and classroom vacancy. Parents may request for specific class topics/content and we will explore the possibilities of the request.

Please note that private lessons are charged on an hourly-basis at a different rate than that the regular program lessons fee.

Please contact Us for details.

12. Are there any opportunities for my child to participate in exhibitions or competitions after enrolling in a program?

We often organize student art exhibitions with specific themes. We select exhibits to put together a coherent set of artwork that most adequately depicts the theme or key message of the particular exhibition. Students in all levels and programs will have various opportunities to participate in our exhibitions.

In addition, we search for meaningful competitions and incorporate the competition topics into the curriculum of our regular programs. We do not inform students and parents about the competitions until after the art pieces are completed and selected by the instructors as entries for the contest.

We believe a creative spirit springs from intrinsic motivation, best in an adventurous environment that allows happy mistakes and failures. Competition can be good for children in developing healthy attitudes about winning and losing, encouraging growth and excellence. Competition can be bad, though, when too much emphasis is on the winning few and when children’s original creative intention is distracted.

We believe that children’s winning edge is not in defeating others but in solving problems with others in best possible ways.

Yearly we enter children’s artwork selectively (without making art contests too much of an extrinsic motivation) and have many affirming results. Click here for details.

1. What is the make-up class policy?

Students may only take leave ONCE each month in case of sickness, school events or other special circumstances.

  • Please inform us before the beginning of the lesson, in order to be eligible for a make-up class.
    • Only ONE make-up lesson could be arranged even if the student is absent on more than one day in the same calendar month.
    • Each make-up lesson may only be rescheduled ONCE.
    • All make-up lessons must be taken within TWO MONTHS from the date(s) of absence, and within the paid months.

2. Will there be more than 4 lessons per month?

Please refer to our studio calendar for class dates. The dates crossed out are studio holidays.

In order to maintain the number of lessons for each billing cycle to be 8 lessons (4 lessons per month), we may count the 4th lesson in one calendar month as the 1st lesson of the next billing month. For example, March 31 may be counted as the 1st lesson of April.

Please see the class dates stated on the calendar, which represent the dates within one billing cycle.

Studio Calendar

3. Do students of the regular programs receive any reports or certificates?

Students with 80% or above attendance rate for any program in the regular training period (September to August of the following year) will receive an observation report. We only send the report to parents through email. We do not provide printed copies.

4. Could my child skip one or lessons and postpone the fee?

We charge for four lessons per month and offer make-up lessons for absence due to sickness and school activities. (See our make-up policy in Question 1) . We do not postpone the fee of any missed lessons. Please arrange make-up lessons for your child as soon as possible after the dates of absence so that he/she could catch up with the rest of the class.

As our curriculum is designed on a four-lesson basis, we do not encourage skipping any lessons. Keeping a consistent learning habit over a substantial period of time fosters children’s creative development and makes a positive and long-lasting impact on their growth.

On the other hand, we would like to minimize disruption to students of each class, ensuring children a stable learning environment; therefore, we aim to maintain the number of students in each lesson to facilitate a steady learning progress for each student.

For all Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

1. My organization/family would like to arrange art classes or art activities specially for my client/child. Does CreativeKids provide such service?

Yes. We host art classes, workshops and other visual-art-related activities at outside venues, subject to the feasibility of the event nature, date and scale. We also provide art and design consultation. Please refer to the Consultation and Private Functions Page to the scope of our services.

For enquiry, please send us details of your request.

2. Can CreativeKids host a private art event for my organization/child at the CreativeKids studio?

Please note that our studio space are occupied with our regular classes in the afternoon on Monday to Friday, whole day Saturdays, and Sunday mornings (for Taikoo Shing Studio).

If you are interested in arranging an event at any other times (except those indicated above), please send us details of your request and we will look into the possibilities.