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In children’s creative mind, anything is possible, even the long-awaited Olympics. The Impossible Olympics is an imaginary program for children and teens in the summer of 2021.
In playful projects, such as Animals Dream Medal, Hilarious Martial Artists, Stadium Design and Swinging Sumo Wrestlers, etc., children depict animals, humans and creatures in extraordinary and wild scenes, made possible only in their imagination.

Through art, design and architecture projects, youngsters develop their thinking, drawing, painting, constructing and designing skills. A touch of Japanese culture such as Mount Fuji in Four Seasons will be embedded in some of
the projects.

In the Olympics spirit, everyone can be a winner through participation, fair play, discipline and teamwork.

CreativeWawa (Age 1.5-2.5)

Mountain Fuji in Four Seasons 富士風情話

$1,420 / 4 lessons


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Intermediate Young Architects Program (Age 8-12)

Grand Olympics Pavilion Design 奧運場館新設計

$2,580 / 6 lessons


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