Architect, Stephen Chow, explained why “Critique” is important for Children’s Creativity Growth

When asked about his thoughts on “critique”, architect Stephen Chow says that it is an important part of architecture. He gives an example: When you say, “this is a pen”, someone could say, “no, it’s an eraser”, and start a “debate”.

“You need to thoroughly understand why someone would think it’s an eraser instead of a pen, and use your own way to persuade that person ……You would keep reflecting on whether what you do and think is right.”

🎤 Mr. Stephen Chow (Architect, Lecturer, and recipient of “40 Under 40” Award 2016 from Perspective architecture and design magazine) was the guest presenter of our first Creative Parenting Online Sharing Session in November 2020.

📝 English Summary (Part 2):
▶️ Cantonese Live Session:

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