#CreativeKids30 | My Journey with CreativeKids – Lopo Lo

To celebrate CreativeKids’ 30th anniversary, members of our team are sharing their personal and work stories with the Creative Community – to tell you why we love what we do!

Lopo Lo is CreativeKids’ General Manager, a mother of two youngsters, and a Cheung Chau islander.

Lopo with Connor, her first student at CreativeKids (who was just around 2 years old then!)

About me

Hi, I’m Lopo. I have been scribbling ever since I started holding a pen at around age 2! It’s a blessing to be able to continue creating with young children in art classes.

How I entered the art education field

I did not enjoy school life as a child, so I told myself I would not work in the education field when I grow up.

Until I had my baby boy. I wanted to learn to be a good mother, so I did a postgraduate course in early childhood education. With God’s leading, I eventually opened a small art studio with my art teacher on Cheung Chau, selling his art pieces. Some residents on the island came in and asked if we could offer classes for their children – which prompted me to start teaching young children.

Since then, I found real joy and great passion in teaching children art. The joy comes from the happiness on children’s faces when they express their minds and hearts visually.

This field is where I feel empowered to contribute to the development of children. Being able to use God’s gift in my everyday life is very cool – it completes me!

My favorite memory at CreativeKids

Laughing with parents (accompanying their toddlers in class) while making art with CreativeWawa students (age 1.5-2.5).

At CreativeKids, I am the happiest when…

I treasure all the moments connecting with students, parents, facilitating family in parent-child bonding, and witnessing the growth of fellow colleagues. These drive me to make positive self-reflections and be a better person every day.

To me, “Constructive Creativity” means

We, as a human being cannot create a completely new thing on earth. But we have been given wisdom and heart to run the world in good order. Therefore, we need to be sensitive to people and the environment around us, and find different ways to support each other and sustain the earth’s orbit, creating a better place for all to live in.

On CreativeKids’ 30th Birthday

I wish that our belief will be planted in people’s hearts, and we continue to be a “positive creator” to the community, the world, and even the universe.

Note: To me, being a positive creator means taking actions for the good of those around us, with the awareness of not to cause harm in the process of creating.

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