Young Architects Program #Critique | Thinking with Tangibles

? Young Architects Program #Critique | Thinking with Tangibles
“How come the boat is so much bigger than the building?”
“Why is the connecting bridge so thin? It will break when people pass through.”
“It won’t break! Future materials are so strong that a thin bridge can support many people.”

Children in our Young Architects Program enthusiastically commented on each other’s design models of Electronica, an imaginative city that they created with recycled electronic parts.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of participating in their future-focused critique that concluded the project. After months of virtual learning, tinkering with tangibles is a priceless experience embraced by children.

Children’s design process, the focus of my PhD thesis research, reveals a series of choice-making that changes materials from what they are to what they can be. The visual and tactile stimulation through playing with tangible materials of their choice allow children to create cities that defy scale and strength of existing materials. The critique allows children to present, discuss and rehearse how to accept criticism.

By Dr. Angie
Founder of CreativeKids


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