(Updated on April 18, 2022)

To keep our studio clean and hygienic, we will apply the following precautionary measures:

If students feel unwell or have symptoms of URTIs:

If students feel unwell or have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), please stay at home and rest. We will arrange make-up lessons (in-studio or online).


Temperature Checkpoint

Entrance to our studios is restricted to students and staff with body temperature 37° and below.


Sterilization Station at the Entrance

Everyone has to step on shoe disinfectant mat, use hand sanitizer and wash hands before class.


Masks are a MUST

Everyone in the studios is required to wear masks.  We will remind parents to prepare an extra mask for your child.  A limited number of spare masks for children is available at the cost of $5@ at the studios.



Please prepare an apron for your child to wear in each lesson, to avoid sharing one with other students.


In-between Class Sanitation

The classroom facilities will be sanitized between classes.


Parents and Guardians

Parents/guardians will pick up students outside of the entrance of the studios during class dismissal.

Parents/guardians making payment will go through temperature checkpoint, wear masks, sanitize hands and shoes before entering and approaching the counter. We will serve you one by one to avoid the crowd and close social contact.

Thank you for your support and understanding in protecting yourself, our children and staff.