Art and Design Programs in Hong Kong

Since 1991, CreativeKids has committed to advance creative development in children and teenagers, bond families and mobilize communities with art, design and architecture programs. Our comprehensive, age-appropriate and award-winning after school art and design programs for youngsters aged 1.5 to 18 are designed to foster flexibility and adaptability to thrive in the ever-changing world of the 21st century.

With an expanding student and alumni body, professional team and scope of services, CreativeKids has ignited a creative spirit in the community, collaborated with schools, organizations and corporations, and reached out to families from diverse backgrounds. We have been affirmed as being at the forefront of creative art and design education, engaging ourselves in continual research and development of effective teaching and learning approaches.

Build a positive mindset and practical skillset

In the visual language of art, design and architecture, youngsters are engaged to explore imaginative possibilities and creative solutions to meet personal and collective challenges.

Our research and development team devotes on-going efforts to refine an evolving and ‘living’ curriculum that build positive mindset and practical skillset that are applicable to real life needs. We inspire dreamers to be disciplined doers and problem-solvers, turning each picture towards a future.

Balance Creative Thinking and Techniques

We provide a range of programs to toddlers, children and teenagers in Hong Kong, from comprehensive art and design programs to “focused workshops” with specific approaches and types of projects. The weekly art and design classes of our on-going programs balance creative thinking and techniques, process and product, fantasy and real-world topics. The curriculum design and teaching approach are based on our view that all children have inherent creativity and design ability. Children can construct their own understanding by connecting new experience with existing knowledge. CreativeKids provides immersive experience and environment to facilitate children’s learning by experimenting, observing, playing and participating with other children and adults.


Recent Posts

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Smart Parents 親子王周刊報導 -《視藝創作基本功 (Essential Skills Program – ESP)》

高小家長必見:開學特別親子視藝工作坊! 開學將至,是時候為您的孩子準備新學年!我們的課程《視藝創作基本功 (Essential Skills Program – ESP)》受到今期《Smart Parents 親子王》雜誌的詳盡介紹,這個課程專門為8至12歲的孩子設計。 為了讓您和孩子親身體驗我們的教學方法,並有機會與我們的創辦人 Dr. Angie 及經驗豐富的導師交流,我們誠摯邀請您參加即將舉行的親子工作坊「創想 • 家」 系列: 主題:小學視藝基本功與秘訣 日期:2023年8月27日 (星期日) 時間:上午10:30至下午1點(A場次)下午2:30至下午5點(B場次) 地點:PMQ Staunton / 3樓 /