Art Program (Age 3.5 – 18)

This versatile program has a continually
updated curriculum that motivates children with new topics, themes, and techniques. There are four age levels which include weekly ongoing classes and occasional workshops.

Preschool Art Program (Age 3.5 - 5.5)

Young children’s curiosity and confidence are encouraged through art activities called Happy Mistakes. They learn to observe and experiment with sensory media.

Junior Art Program (Age 5.5 - 8)

Children develop artistic skills, sharpen observation through exercises in art history, colour theories, 3D construction and 2D expression, such as drawing, painting, collage and simple sculpture.

Intermediate Art Program (Age 8 - 12)

Older children develop creative thinking skills in visual association, divergent / convergent thinking and problem-solving; and visualizing skills such as drawing, painting and sculpting.

Senior Art Program (Age 12 - 18)

Students apply self-chosen topics and techniques to depict ideas, observations, emotions. Through disciplined practice, they increase mastery over art forms, concepts and media.

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