Month: September 2022

Let your child be Inspired this October Term Break

Turning Screen time into learning time – Edutainment with Minecraft Notice your children playing and building in Minecraft all day? Why not channel their creative energy into a meaningful project? Integrating art, design, and architecture education, CreativeKids has developed a 4-day workshop that shuttles back and forth between the physical and the digital Minecraft world. …

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【Creative Parenting】Children-inspired Creativity Video Series

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your creative parenting approach?  Restart your dormant creativity and your children’s creative spirit with the 4 videos (footages taken before 2020) that feature our students’ insights during our weekly art and design sessions. Let our children be the daily inspiration that turns obstacles into opportunities and failures into …

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【Oh!爸媽最愛品牌大獎 2021—兒童藝術教育】

We appreciate getting our parents’ support, and they voted us to be the most favorite art studio on the channel. ? We will continue working closely with you and building creative confidence in the next generations?? Please visit here for more details. 藝術與設計教育|CreativeKids讓將藝術融入生活 開拓小朋友「設計思維」 | Oh!爸媽 – Ohpama.com一站式升學、親子網站   Want to find out More …

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