Educational Exhibition – Exploring Ancient Egyptian Wonders (Design Foundation Program)

Educational Exhibition Presented by Students of Design Foundation Program (Ages 8-12) Join us to celebrate how art and design can be a creative and cross-cultural way to learn. In a recent Design Foundation module, “Exploring Ancient Egyptian Wonders”, our students developed critical thinking and design skills, while gaining an understanding of culture, history, religion and …

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KiDesign (Age 12 – 18)

KiDesign (Age 12 – 18) The cross-curricular and STEAM-based KiDesign program links design, architecture, science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Through design thinking, research, and problem-solving, students engage in project themes inspired by nature, traditions, human needs, and environmental concerns. The program encourages creativity and innovation while developing skills in critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. …

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Art Program (Age 3.5 – 18) This versatile program has a continually updated curriculum that motivates children with new topics, themes, and techniques. There are four age levels which include weekly ongoing classes and occasional workshops. Preschool Art Program (Age 3.5 – 5.5) Young children’s curiosity and confidence are encouraged through art activities called Happy Mistakes. They learn to observe …

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【Beyond Winning】2024 徐悲鴻盃國際青少年兒童美術比賽

We believe a creative spirit springs from intrinsic motivation, best in an adventurous environment that allows happy mistakes and failures. Competition can be good for children in developing tenacity, self-esteem, and healthy attitudes about participation, winning and losing. Competition can be bad, though, when too much emphasis is on the winning few anddistracting children from …

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Upcoming Activities

Chinese New Year Workshop 2024 Playful Dragons, Celebrating the New Year 「龍」敢玩,迎新春! Lantern Festival Fair 奇極元宵 Join us for a Family-Friendly Fair! 歡迎家庭同樂,一起慶祝元宵節! Educational Exhibition 教育展覽 Exploring Ancient Egyptian Wonders, Presented by Students of Design Foundation Program (Age 8-12) 探索古埃及奇珍(8-12歲設計基礎課程學生作品展示) For enquiry: Sai Ying Pun Taikoo Shing Kowloon City Want to find out More ?

Early Childhood Sensory Development

Young children possess unlimited potential and are curious about the environment around them. They require the freedom to explore and create in a spacious environment. By engaging in Messy Play activities, children can stimulate their senses and promote growth and brain development. CreativeKid’s art courses, CreativeWawa and CreativeKiddies, offer a monthly Messy Play session. Through …

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