【Creative Parenting】Children-inspired Creativity Video Series

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your creative parenting approach?  Restart your dormant creativity and your children’s creative spirit with the 4 videos (footages taken before 2020) that feature our students’ insights during our weekly art and design sessions. Let our children be the daily inspiration that turns obstacles into opportunities and failures into happy mistakes.

Video 1:
Be resourceful! – Children often see treasures in things adults missed.
Be imaginative! – Children often imagine infinite possibilities.

Video 2:
Be fearless! – Children often go forward with happy mistakes.
Be fun-filled! – Children often find delight in the simplest of things.
Be curious! – Children often remind us of our lost curiosity.

Video 3:
Be child-like! – Children often come up with awesome answers that you wish you had.
Be witty! – Children often look at the light side of life.

Video 4:
Ask like an Artist
Answer like a Designer 
Articulate space like an Architect 
For 30 years, CreativeKids has made art, design and architecture come alive.

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