Creative Parenting : Parents/Alumni Interview Video Series

Are there shortcuts to developing creativity? In a city where everyone is in the whirlwind of activities, what keeps children fully engaged in an art and design studio week after week, year after year? What is the prospect of education and career with a creative childhood? Watch what our parents and alumni shared about their experience of growing up in CreativeKids. Heartfelt gratitude for their insightful sharing of time and precious records.
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The upcoming 3 series:
[Creative Parents, Creative Kids Series 1.0]
📽 Episode 1: The student’s Perspective
Helio, as one of Our alumni, is studying filmmaking in Hungary. Having been brought up in CreativeKids, he shares with us his joyous journey that somewhat shaped his character and outlook on life.
“CreativeKids has prepared me to interpret and analyze world happenings from an angle of creativity,” said Helio.
[Creative Parents, Creative Kids Series 1.1]
📽 Episode 2: The Parent’s Perspective
Cissy — mother of Helio — brought her three children to CreativeKids. Wonder why? She shares her beliefs and explains her tendency to sending her children to us.
“I could feel the interaction and relationship of my children with the art mentors. The art mentors became life coaches” said Cissy.
[Creative Parents Series 1.0]
📽 Episode 3: As an alumnus; As a parent
Avis was one of our Founder’s students. Now with her child learning in CreativeKids, she is utterly delighted to have found this unique shared experience she has with her daughter.
“I was convinced through personal experience by CreativeKids’ approach and its environment,” said Avis.

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