#CreativeKids30 | My Journey with CreativeKids – Adrian Chiu


To celebrate CreativeKids’ 30th anniversary, members of our team are sharing their personal and work stories with the Creative Community – to tell you why we love what we do!

Adrian Chiu is CreativeKids’ Curriculum Coordinator.

About me

I am Adrian! An alumnus-turned-instructor at CreativeKids. A person who loves seeing problems to be solved both practically and beautifully. 

I probably have too many interests and hobbies. Basically, anything that is designed can draw my attention. Nature (the best designer), products, toys, anime, ceramics, architecture, music, footwear – all kinds of creative solutions that are thoughtful and playful.

How I entered the art education field

Growing up in CreativeKids since 4 years old (all the way to 16) is the very beginning of my art/design education. I have enjoyed the feeling of being able to bring things to life with my own hands since I was a young boy. Being genuinely curious with what others make and think, I find immense satisfaction when I share this joy with people – especially the group of people with the freest minds, children!

Now, as an instructor, no two days at work are the same – you can never fully predict what is going to happen. I never felt bored here, and it’s exciting to be constantly challenged to do things outside my comfort zone. Sometimes it’s learning how to comfort a worried parent. Sometimes it’s venturing to places I have never been for bizarre art supplies. Sometimes it’s hearing a six-year-old sharing his/her biggest fear and smallest secrets.

My favorite memory at CreativeKids

I was probably eight or nine when I built my first “sit-able” chair. I vividly remember I made a steak-themed chair (It was medium rare). It meant a big deal to me because from then on, I knew I have the ability to make and create things that matter to this world.

My growth at CreativeKids 

I remember being frustrated with myself when I first started being an instructor. It seemed like I couldn’t find a way to talk to or connect with my students. Sooner or later, I realized the problem. I was trying too hard to be an instructor but not a friend of theirs. I was talking too much and not listening enough, whether art related or not. After the sudden realization, I was determined to change. Be humble, and sometimes be the student and let them be the teacher! I then had much more success opening up children’s hearts, and the classes became so much more enjoyable, both for the students and myself. The key is to really hear out what they are trying to share with you, and treasure their trust!

At CreativeKids, I am the happiest when…

When I see the spark in children’s eyes when they are enjoying the freedom to draw/sketch/build out what’s in their minds. It’s always magical when kids bring up ideas that I can never imagine, and bring them to life in their own unique ways. I imagine myself to be the little diffuser, the short string that is attached to these creative bombs. All I have to do is to be there for them so they can really let out what’s hidden in their boundless potential. 

To me, “Constructive Creativity” means

In a fundamental sense, being creative means breaking the accustomed and the old. That involves a disruptive mindset. However, if we channel that creative energy into solving problems that surround and bother us daily, the world can become better, bit by bit, problem by problem.

On CreativeKids’ 30th Birthday

I wish that every child can have the freedom to express and to create with an innocent heart on CreativeKids’ behalf. My students constantly remind me that there is nothing limiting my ability to create, but only the walls and constraints I build in my own mind.

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