#CreativeKids30 | My Journey with CreativeKids – Justyn S. Chandler

To celebrate CreativeKids’ 30th anniversary, members of our team are sharing their personal and work stories with the Creative Community – to tell you why we love what we do!

Justyn S. Chandler is our Senior Art Instructor-Creative Inspirer / Curriculum Leader.

About Me

Hey! I’m Justyn. I’ve been in Hong Kong for 10 years and happily married to a beautiful wife and have an adorable little 1-year-old. I studied architecture at university in the US.

I love a good story whether it be from a movie, a book, a video game, or someone sharing a moment; making people laugh, connecting with others, the outdoors, tinkering/building with my hands, and most importantly my relationship with God and Jesus.


At CreativeKids, what makes me the happiest is…

The collaboration, teamwork, encouragement, and life-sharing I have with my teammates and colleagues. It is unlike any other place I have ever worked at before. Connecting and working alongside students and seeing how they grow and develop. I just love working with students to help build their ideas into 3D models. I really enjoy seeing their ideas come alive. It’s all about connecting to people and helping them grow.

My favorite memories at CreativeKids

My first memory was when I first arrived at CreativeKids and was given a tour of the studio. The environment and the energy of the children and teachers had left such a huge impression on me. I just knew and believed I had to work here. If I couldn’t work here, then I didn’t want to teach art education. This is where I wanted to be.

The other standout memory was on a Saturday after one of my Young Architects Program classes, the classroom looked a bit like a whirlwind of a mess. Models in progress were sitting on a table blanketed by materials and tools. I stood there staring at the mess with admiration and fulfillment. At that moment I knew I was in the right place. I really could experience the creative collaboration between the students and me. I even took a photo to keep a record of that memory.

A happy whirlwind of a mess after class on a busy Saturday.

My growth at CreativeKids

I believe that one of the most fulfilling experiences someone can have is pouring themselves into another person. CreativeKids has taught me how I can do that through art education and through my own knowledge and experiences with design and architecture. It has given me a platform to have fun teaching kids about space and our built environment – how to innovate through making architecture while having fun, as well as how to build a better tomorrow for themselves and for others.

To me, “Constructive Creativity” means…

It is creativity that gives life, meaning, and purpose. It is something that builds up and does not tear down. It is using what was given to you by God to build up yourself, those around you, and the world itself, in a life-giving way.

On CreativeKids’ 30th Birthday

I hope CreativeKids continues to find new ways to invest into the lives of children and their families, nurturing those relationships and connections, and seeing the results of it all and how it has changed lives and made a positive and encouraging impact in our community – and that it can spread throughout other communities.

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