Summer Program 2023 – Playful Masterpieces

Curriculum Theme April 2023 to June 2024
Art and Design Program for children aged 1.5 to 18

This summer, wouldn’t it be fun to learn art skills and art history with a light-hearted 21st century twist? Create your own wacky and wonderful artworks inspired by classical and contemporary master paintings, sculptures, designs, architecture and illustrations.


Explore the thinking and techniques of masters. Playful Masterpieces is a treasury of curiosities that open children and teens (aged 1.5 to 18) to the glamour of ancient Egypt, the genius mind of da Vinci, the irrational land of Surrealism, the romantic tapestry of Klimt, the lustrous sculpture of Koons, the
witty fine-brush paintings of Shieh Ka Ho and many other iconic expressions in art, design and architecture.

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