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Creative Thinking through Art (CTA) for children is a series of visual art and design programs for developing children’s thinking.
With animated videos and thinking tools, learning and understanding come alive.


Creativity is one of the core competencies in the 21st century that is full of uncertainties. There is a strong relationship between learning, thinking and understanding. Children think, learn and express through languages, verbal and visual

Key benefits:
• Confidence as inquisitive, imaginative and independent life-long learners
• Creative competence and character that focus on constructive creativity and not competitive creativity
• Fluent problem-solvers through learning divergent, convergent and other Creative Thinking thinking strategies

Please click below to select the thinking tools.

1) Meow Meow Mirror 照照貓咪鏡

2) Monster Family 大嘴巴怪獸家族

3) I’m a Flamingo 我是一隻小紅鶴

4) Little Dalmatian 斑點狗

5) Magical Magnifier 神奇放大鏡


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