CreativeKids Virtual Summer Art Exhibition 2022

Our Summer Features are already in action!

You are invited to view our students’ summer artwork in our virtual exhibition.
Parents might be able to find your child’s own artwork or creative processes in our virtual space!

The Virtual Summer Art Exhibition will ‘grow progressively’ over July and August as more students are visualizing exciting ideas in diverse media and materials, and we will feature them in the exhibition. So, stay connected in this creative space.

Please check below to enter the virtual exhibition.

Click the video below for a glimpse of the virtual exhibition

[Virtual Summer Art Exhibition-Expanded]
We are celebrating the fruit of children’s creativity by expanding our Virtual Summer Art Exhibition. The video gives us glimpses of children’s creative actions in art, design and architecture in July and August. Once ignited, children’s creativity is unstoppable. 

Many of them have already registered for September and the Fall Term. If you are still working out your child’s schedule, please contact us to see if we can be of help: 

For registration & inquiry:

📲 WhatsApp (Sai Ying Pun & Central) (Taikoo Shing) (Kowloon City)

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